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Our company is headed by the top professionals in this Industry, each of them with an experience of 15+ years.

Lab Ideas

Our vision is to give good health to people and to create more number of earners in this Industry & help them fulfill their dreams.

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Mr.N.Lazarus Yabes, M.B.A.,

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Vevetos.

Mr.N.Lazarus Yabes is the Chief Executive Officer of Vevetos. As CEO, He is dedicated to fulfulling the Company's purpose, With his passions grounded in innovation, education and training, he sets the strategy for Vevetos, overseeing all aspects of the company's growth strategies,and ensuring in building the Company as the best in the industry. He started his career in Nutrition & Network Industry in the year 2000 and has made several achievements. During the past 18+ years,he has created & supported many thousands of people to be successful in this direct Selling Industry.Also, He has a good experience in areas like Service, Logistics & Warehousing. etc., by serving in top positions in companies like BPL

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Mr.J.J. Jai Shriraam, M.Com.,

Chief Operations Head(COH), Vevetos.

Mr.J.J. Jai Shriraam is the Chief Operations Head of Vevetos.As COH, His responsibilities include finance and operations functions,accounting tax,supply chain,Warehouse Management,distribution and logistics.He started his career in Nutrition & Network industry from the year 1998 and made several achievements in this industry in a short time.In these 20+ years, he has achieved and retained top positions in various companies, Also, his contribution to the Mining Industry through his own Mines is remarkable.

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Mr.B. Sam Vijay Praveen, B.A., B.L.,

Vice-President(VP), Vevetos.

Mr.B. Sam Vijay Praveen is the Vice-President of Vevetos.As Vice-President, he is responsibile for all business,strategic,sales marketing functions,ethics & compilance by implementation and enforcement of Member rules and guidlines.He is renowned Advocate with 15+ Years of Experience in Practise.He has an equal experience with the Nutrition Industry and Network Marketing.He entered into Network Marketing in the year 1999.All these years, he has been successful in helpling many top companies open and develop in new markets.


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Green Therapy

OncoBAN is a scientifically proven, naturally derived,traditionally made anti-oxidant rich health drink.

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Green Therapy

Osdeodense is a scientifically proven, naturally derived, traditionally made health supplement.

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